Quality Foam Products


  • Anti-Static Foam

    Packages can be made with anti-static foam to help reduce static build up that can effect sensitive electronic equipment.
    Materials include:

  • Polyethylene: This is a flexible foam capable of absorbing great punishment and still provide good protection for fragile and/or heavy products. Die cut pieces can be glued to each other or to single, double or triple walled cardboard to create a package to meet your demands.

  • Polyurethane: Due to the variety of colors, densities, and types; we don't keep large amounts of this foam in stock. We are in constant communication with the mills and are able to order in quantities, color, densities and type for your particular needs.

    Uses include:

  • Case inserts die cut to fit form

  • End caps where flexibility and bounce are required

  • Novelty shapes

  • Cushions

  • Convoluted shapes to be used as tops or bottoms to fill in different heights of products or whatever the design requires

  • Conductive Foam

  • Mil.-Spec. Packaging

  • Custom package inserts:

    Custom package inserts are constructed with Polyethylene Foam

  • Hot Stamping

  • Glue

  • Insulated Container:

    Insulated Containers usually consist of 6pcs of EPS foam cut to any thickness you need and to fit any size box. Sometimes, a plastic bag is also used to make the package moisture or waterproof. We will cut just the foam or supply a Box/Foam Combo depending on your needs

  • Display Boards

  • Computer Packaging

  • Case Inserts:

    Case inserts are custom made depending on the product size. Different densities of polyurethane foams and polyethylene foams are most commonly used. They are die cut and glued together according to your drawings or blueprints. All you need to do is bring us your product and large enough case and we will layout the case inserts and supply a sample FREE of charge. Or bring us the product and we will layout the case insert and tell you the minimum size case you will require.

  • Rebonded Foams

  • Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

  • Stock Wine Packs

  • Architectural Shapes & Moldings (EPS)

  • Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

  • Letters, numbers, Shapes

  • Rigid Insulation

  • Mug Packs

  • Filter Foams

  • Die Cut Inserts

  • Styrofoam Craft, Floral Products:

    We order 6x24x108" boards in Green and White and then cut it to fit your needs.

  • Edge & Corner Protectors

  • Crosslink Foams